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As an independent FX trader, have you ever wondered what the bank and institutional players discuss amongst their networks in the world's largest dealing rooms? Do you often think that if you had timely access to the same depth and quality of market and flow information, then maybe your trading results could improve markedly?

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FXWW are excited to bring you the solution – an institutional level conversation between a group of carefully selected institutional traders, analysts and strategists, each communicating their views on the market, their trade ideas, what they think happens next, and the bank reports / institutional research that they have access to in real time.
The exclusive FXWW Chatroom – powered by Reuters Messenger (RM) – bridges this information gap between what is available to the big players, and that of the independent FX trader, by delivering an interactive, timely and actionable conversation live to your desktop.

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The FXWW chat room service consists of 4 separate chat rooms:

  • 1.The FXWW room. Here subscribers are granted ‘read only’ access to a real time conversation between 15-20 hand picked market veterans. This room consists of inter-bank / hedge fund traders, FX strategists, HF traders, market news professionals and traders with 25+ year FX trading records. The conversation consists of breaking news, market and flow analysis, chart setups, trade ideas and research from tier 1 institutions.

  • 2.

    The FXWW Techs Room is open to all subscribers to comment, interact, ask questions and post charts and ideas.

  • 3.

    The FXWW Trade Ideas Room is open to all subscribers to post their trade ideas.

  • 4.

    The FXWW China Room is open to all, and is delivered in Mandarin.

If you’re serious about trading, then this is the communication and news source you need to give you an unparalleled edge. The fact that many bank traders/salespeople use the FXWW rooms as a key source of market information during their day is testament to the quality of this service.

Brokers and 3rd party providers who wish to offer the FXWW Chatroom to their premium clients should contact us on chatroom@fxww.com to discuss our range of solutions.