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You’re not going to kill this server as easily

The new server is in place and I’m very much hoping that we can now handle the barrage of traffic that hit us last week.

The 2 FXWW strategists FXWW888 and FXWW303 are filling the Twitter airwaves with unbelievably good insights and it seems I may have under-estimated the demand for credible, high-quality content; won’t make the same mistake again!

The long-anticipated FXWW funding program is also due to start in the next few weeks, starting with up to $40 million in total positioning, and I’m convinced that the next wave of professional FX traders (the new Soros, Tudor-Jones, etc) are reading this post right now. This will be a beginning-to-end program; you trade and fulfil basic criteria, we give you some basic start-up funding, we then ‘umbrella’ you into a licensing program, and set up your business structure to manage retail and institutional funds. You then take over the world of FX trading 🙂 Too easy! Don’t knock me over yet with applications until I’m ready to go as I’m already weeks behind on the other programs 🙁

The technical analyst mail-out is waiting on one simple sign-off, so please be patient.

Now, where’s the market headed? Keep a sharp eye on 303 on Monday morning’s as he sometimes gets good trade ideas for the early-open brigade.

  1. Hi Sean, congratulations foer the website and the information. I m sure you have seen the falling trend in USD/JPY and the Nikkey 225. Last friday was Expiration Day for the Nikkei, Monday 9.15 CT will be Expiration Day for all currencies listed on the CME, and finally, next friday will be Quadruple Witching for stocks in America. Do you think the end of these “special” days when a lot of people decide to close their positions coul be the beginning for a changing trend?

  2. It’s certainly quite possible Walter. People exit positions for all sorts ofvreasons and ifvwe could track these changes in human behavior rather than Econ data or fundamentals, we would have a much more accurate indicator of mkt forecasts. I do thinknthat the yen crosses will turn higher again fairly soon and we just gotta figure out what might trigger such a change.

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