Flows and Orders/USD/JPY

Yen selling picking up pace in early Tokyo

USD/JPY is edging towards 101.00 in early Tokyo trade and it doesn’t look like the market is tired of buying this pair just yet. We can expect to see further barriers in place but I have no exact info at this moment in time.

I’ve taken a very small EUR/JPY long this morning as I see a risk of some sharp intraday rallies there.

  1. Sean, I am thinking that if vol pick up with latest jpy disturbance we should see some stupid dislocations on the irrelevant crosses. For example gbp/nzd so far holding quite well, but I I will be on the lookout for buying any dip… Aud/nzd could also be of interest.

  2. I found one interesting pair: AUD/CAD… Check it out… I do not have strong opinion at the moment, but it looks interesting on dailies.

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