What will Europe do?

My feeling is that stoploss driven moves in Asia usually get reversed in early Europe so let’s see how we go today. Most of the big orders have been done I think.

  1. which means? up or down? didn’t get you.

    Here is my analysis of GBP/USD
    50% retracement of the move from 1.6309 to 1.5971 comes in at 1.6139. yesterday’s top was 1.6131. euro rallied overnight. still it was unable to give a higher top. I fear if before london opens we don’t see 1.6139 a huge downmove is coming taking it to 1.5905 and then to 1.5783. now from where did I get these levels. 61.8% and 50% fibonacci retracements of the downmove from 1.6309 to 1.5255

  2. The market does not like Obama, and Obama did good during the TV debate, therefore, the market should slightly bearish today imho.

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