What to do now the debate is over?

CNN polling has 48% calling Obama the winner and 40% calling Romney. Based on this, we have two possibilities in the FX market:

  • A. Start trading exotic options in NZD/CAD.
  • B. Do nothing.

I think I’ll opt for C.

  1. C = stroll down to beach and have a coffee on a beautiful Sydney afternoon 🙂
    No Sam, just was advised that something might happen in next 2 weeks so best stay long. I have heard these stories be4 but its a cheap trade with auto s/l so worth a punt imho+

  2. That’s really nice. Wish I could spend my day like that. I joined you on eurchf trade hope that I could get my CHF balance above water since I owe my borker 10k+ CHF. Anyway thanks for the trade tip and please keep us informed if you take further actions.

  3. Will do Sam, I did a bit of a ‘set and forget’ at 12100 but I now see its starting to sneak higher so maybe the market is getting ready for something? We live in hope 🙂 My mate said to put s/l below 12030 which is a bit cheaper than my levels below 12000

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