Welcome to the new blog home page

It looks like we are nearly ready to switch over from the old blog so if there are any major issues please let me know.

  1. Nice layout. Maybe you are still working on it. Just to let you know, some contents you posted this morning are still at your old site (dreamhoster).

  2. Thanks Gav, I’m a bit of an IT dinosaur so didn’t want to give one up until I was sure the other worked. There are some minor design details to happen still and if you notice anythg alarmingly bad, please shout loudly 🙂

  3. Good Morning Sean, Thanks for this fresh web-site. It came out well….worthy of long time you spent…..I am especially happy as I now can enlarge the text size of content of any article here on my iPad 🙂

  4. Thanks Pete and if you have any thoughts on how I can improve the lay-out and functionality, please let me know. Auto refresh and GMT times are next cab off rank 🙂

  5. Welcome and thanks JC. I have started posting the chart links in the story when you open it up, but I have to get some functionality added in to allow the link to show on the headline page. Hopefully will have that done by end of next week (but that’s IT time which could mean next year 🙂 )

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