Webinar day today!

If you’d like to hear my thoughts on the pros of ‘position building’ and the cons of ‘trade picking’ then you can join me this afternoon for a webinar at FXStreet.

  1. Hey, Sean

    I left your webinar a bit early, could you share the sheet and docs to me?

    Thank you

    p.s: Today’s event is really helpful, wish you could hold them more often 🙂

  2. Thanks Sean, I usually tend not to look at chart very often on which pair I’m trading. But in this case there’s no way out 🙂

  3. Morning Sean,

    It’s a bit early for Europeans’ traders this webinar 🙁 . Could you broadcast on youtube for instance ? Thanks

  4. Morning Papillon, the recording should be on their webinar page sometime later today. Good morning for a croissant and coffee me thinks, very slow going so far and only USD/JPY looks interesting

  5. Thanks, i’m looking forward to watch it. It’s funny to see your profile and read that you have “Awarded Master of Arts 1991”. Now you have “Art’s Forex” 😉

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