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Watch for ACBs selling EUR/USD into early Europe

Massive moves happening in all emerging markets today and Asian central banks have been selling the USD in size. We can expect to see some reserve diversification in early Europe, with ACBs likely to sell EUR/USD to keep their reserves balanced.

  1. Hey Sean , I got the feeling that 1.34 is a good medium term top , although I wouldn’t rule out any probes to the highs , I’m fairly confident in selling against the highs at 1.3420. Still waiting for some dollar strength ahead of the taper , got some longs in usdchf and usdjpy and are not moving any faster. Guess I’ll have to wait for euro sell off.

  2. Hi Adrian, I have a feeling that there are plenty of stops above 13425; thinking we might see a silly spike up to 13500/50 ish on some random news and then well get a 300 pip sell-off. But can’t really see it moving very far over next few months apart from these types of illiquid spikes

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