Very slow day in Asia, hard to find any insights

I think I shall go and have a nice dinner as it’s been a long week. Today was a waste of time and I learnt nothing from the price action during Asian trade. I’m still long AUD/USD with a stop below .9000 and I’m basically short USD/JPY through the legs but without any really strong view yet on what the big levels are.

After this week my bullish AUD/USD view has become even stronger. The big macros and hedge funds continue to sell the Aussie on the back of a non-existent China story (in my view) and the bullish USD story has taken a big hit this week meaning for me that AUD/USD should return to levels .96/.98 in coming weeks. One potential fly (or 2 in fact) are the AUD/JPY and EUR/AUD crosses which, if the break 89.50 and 1.4400 respectively, will give the AUD bears a huge boost.

Thanks for your company this week and all of your good ideas and I promise that I will start the newsletter mail-out to registrants this weekend. More hot air! Have a great weekend.

  1. Have a nice weekend Sean! I’m with you on A/U long and hopefully we can see it break higher soon to soothe us sane bulls’ jitters! Cheers!

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