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Using FXWW Connect: Setting up individual currency pages

GBP page

1. Open a new Workspace and select the ‘Desktop’ option.

2. Right-click on the screen and select the ‘Watch List’ option from the drop-down menu.

3. Click on the small down arrow beside Watch List and select the ‘Manage Templates’ option down the bottom.

4. This allows you to create your own look and feel to your watch list. Personally I like to see the bid, offer, %age change, highs and lows, trend etc but you can choose your own.

5. Add currency symbols that you wish to have on your watch list, always adding an equals sign, eg EURJPY=

6. On the top of the watch-list box, you will see a small signal that looks like waves being emitted. Click on this and select ‘Broadcast to all Channels’.

This completes the creation of a new watch list. Now we will link a chart to the individual symbols.

7. Right-click on the empty part of the screen and select ‘Chart’.

8. Click on the small wave signal and select ‘Receive from all Channels’. This means that each currency you highlight in your watch-list will automatically fill this chart.

9. Expand the chart by clicking on the small ‘+’ in the top right hand corner. Now hold down the ‘space’ bar on your PC. This will allow you to change the chart type, timeframes, indicators etc to suit your analytical needs.

10. Left-click and hold the top of the chart, allowing you to move it into your preferred position on the page. Left-click and hold the bottom right hand corner of the chart widget to adjust size.

Finally I think it’s a good idea to add a News widget.

11. Right click on the empty part of the screen and select ‘News’.

12. If you have a JPY currency page, you can put the word ‘Japan’ into the keyword section and this will filter the news for you.

13. Move the widgets around and re-size to suit.

For more extensive help, you can download the PDF file  for FXWW Connect Help from here.