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USD/JPY: Stops triggered below 97.50

The next leg of the run lower has started to pick up pace with the break below 97.50. There isn’t much technical support nearby and the main downside target is a trendline support near 95.00.

  1. hey Sean, I bought at 97.15 based on the nkkei at 14030’s knowing it would go back to at least 14110 again dragging the usd/jpy with it (and thank God it did) and so closed my order at 97.43 making a few quick pips, but Really Sean i wanted to ask you what should I do, i dont see to much Risk aversion, anddont wanna enter short at this point, whats ur advice, should i just wait for a dip in order to enter long? Or should i be confident enough to enter short in the near furture if the price is right?

  2. Thanks Sean for the vote of confidence, its always better hearing it from the experts, i usually hate sitting around and waiting for a trade, but more then often its right thing to do.

  3. Hi Sean,

    Yesterday, China was right on USDJPY. For now, I am waiting on AUDUSD, we have done three attempts to break out 0.9000 without success. This morning, AUDJPY has broken 87.20.

  4. Wait and see papillon, if 8920ish can hold, then might be worth risky long with tight stops, but best wait and see what’s happening in crosses at time

  5. Sean,

    I just sent you an email on this……I went to log in on Reuters but it said my username and password aren’t correct…even though I copied it exactly as it was laid out in your email.

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