Flows and Orders/USD/JPY

USD/JPY: Stops building below the market

The first batch of sizeable trailing stops are reported below 80.10.

  1. Was reluctant to sell the dollar on this pair,but now that u identify a hunting spot,i might as well join the big boys and raid the stops(now heading to my terminal to initiate a sell order..lol!)

  2. Every one else is doing it Banya, I guess we should join in too 🙂 I wouldn’t take a trade just on the basis of where the stops are but it’s good to know what’s driving the market

  3. Know what,i think it is compelling.Look at the EUR/USD cross a few moments ago,had a bid tone and once barrier was identified,the shorts were piled.Am definitely gona give it a shot.My stop on 80.60’ish level.

  4. How about the double-bluff Banya? Mkt gets short trying to trigger downside stops, their stops then get triggered on topside, before mkt turns again and really triggers downside stops. This mkt will do whatever it can to stuff the most poeple!!

  5. USDJPY is definitely not the best vehicle to “double stuff” people 😉 Event a turtle feels like a ferrari when it looks at USDJPY 🙂

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