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USD/JPY: Short-term hedge fund strategy

These guys throw around quite significant amounts so its good to get a feel for how they are thinking.

If USD/JPY breaks back below 93.00, look for any 40/60 pip rallies to get short on with a stop above 94.25 and a target around 89.00.

Probably looking at a 100:400 risk-reward ratio which you would certainly need as you’re fighting an ultra-strong trend. What I do like is that he is waiting for some confirmation of a weakening short-term bull trend before committing to any trade.

  1. Yes, agree again. Yesterday’s brakes were hard enough to stop a fast running train

    Au$$ie shorts took me for surprise, disregarding PMI data. Something was ongoing in my opinion, and then JPY action previsible.

    I would not enter USDJPY longs, if not came back around 92.50 levels or see technicals of interest around there.


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