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USD/JPY: Selling rallies favoured intraday

  • Like I wrote below, positioning is still the main factor at play here.
  • Some of the crosses like NZD/JPY and AUD/JPY look technically very heavy.
  • Obviously need to pick levels carefully but selling towards levels near 99.50 with a stop above 100 make good risk-reward sense.
  1. Sean,

    Maybe you can help me out here. I went short Aud/jpy at 88.989 and my stop was at 88.25 because i had it trailing the market by 15 pips. My limit was set to 87.85 and was missed by 6 pips so. Well when the market opened today the price was above my stop but i don’t believe FXCM had their clients orders online yet. My position was stopped out at 88.58 and if i look at the chart price never even traded close to that level. What would cause me to have such a horrible fill?

  2. I think I’d be querying that one Sean. Since the retail market has opened, I don’t think its traded above 88.25, I might be wrong, so I’m not sure how they managed to stop you out up there? Some brokers use very questionable tactics on Monday mornings but with regulators coming down hard on such practices, I’d definitely be asking some questions?

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