Flows and Orders/USD/JPY

USD/JPY: Plenty of buyers, stop-loss sellers, and option levels

It will not be one-way traffic in the USD/JPY in either direction, with very large interest seen both sides of the market.

  • Bids are reportedly large and at regular intervals on the approach to 100.00.
  • Stop-loss sell orders below 99.80 are even bigger, according to Prime Brokerage reports.
  • Option interest at 100.00 and at 104.00 remains very significant.

Sounds like a perfect recipe for some volatile range trading.

  1. USD/JPY I hold two sales from 103.50 and I was very lucky to sell 103.73 (all open positions of the limit order, I very rarely get an offer on the market, well, it’s on my strategy), now has the purpose of 99.89 for sale from 103.50 for sale from 103.73 goal 95.22, but…I would buy 99.89 and see how events will develop in a pair, I think, 99.89 or so, will be the defining moment. Also I want to notice, that on the weekly chart, closing, candle last week made acquisitions and the previous one, it is not a bad signal for sale. Yen of course it is difficult, there is a strong trend and not know the reaction of the Bank of Japan or the managers can always be unexpected comments or something. But I look down, and the final goal 95.22 or so. Although there is room for a more in-depth failure. Also remember DNT 104.00/97.00 he is still in the game, Sean? In this pair may very much, and even these figures as 90.00, at least, there is such a point on the weekly chart. Also I read that the Bank of Japan, is a schism and not everything is so simple, so chances are, still a bit of luck and all will be well.

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