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USD/JPY: Making new session highs, target 99.25/40

Now the bulls have regained short-term control of the USD/JPY market and any dips back towards 98.00 should meet with plenty of dip-buying interest. In fact now that new session highs are being made, previous highs at 98.25 should be the first support point. The clear target is hourly highs near 99.30 (see chart).

  1. GM Sean.

    What do you and the 2 gurus think about end of quarter flows coming up?

    And same question but from perspective of USD bulls who entered post-FOMC?

  2. Just a few days early Chngster, but certainly should have impact on AUD as end of fin year here. Can’t see any side in partic being favoured this time as there is no big equity rebalancing being foreshadowed

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