Flows and Orders/USD/JPY

USD/JPY: Looks set to target weak stops below 77.50

Many felt that there was a minor possibility of some BOJ intervention today (last day of financial quarter) but hopes are fading and stops are tight, starting below 77.50. I’ve heard rumours of semi-official bids at 77.50 but no confirmation as of yet.

  1. Thanks Sean and welcome to the dark side 🙂 Overall I only have a very long term view on AUD/JPY and that’s a very bullish one. I think we will trade 70/90 for next few years but the big opp will be in buying an exhaustive dip. Daily chart is also hard to pick with likely 79/84 range there. I’d agree that s/t charts look a bit bearish but I find it hard to buy Yen when USD/JPY is trading near record lows (old habits etc)

  2. HAHA thanks. Only took me a few months to find this site. hovering around 81 makes it mid point of you’re years prediction. Tough pair to trade being middle range.

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