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USD/JPY holds the key again; bias still very bullish

  • Massive optionality at 100.00;
  • Heavy stops directly above 100.10;
  • ACBs reportedly buying dips but trailing stops below 99.20;
  • AUD/JPY has made a strong technical break higher.

Risk-reward favours the bulls but I prefer some range trading first, maybe 99.10/90 on outside, with a strong bullish bias.

  1. Morning Sean, Although there is this Massive buying Frenzy and all this “long Talk”, Whats your estimate Sean, is this Pair Really Bull now. I mean i know were so close to100, its like a magnet at this point, do you think we have made a temporary bottom, and even if we go up to 100 ( or 101.5) will we be going back down for a Deeper dip again to 97 or Possibly 95? The Japanese want the pair at a higher level, but my experience working with minister of finances makes me realize they usually aren’t affected if it takes another 3 month for the market (or in this case pair) moving in the direction they want. JUST CURIOUS as to your Opinion. Another reason why im asking Sean is that I think I’ve matured a Little (itty bitty bit) in term of my Trading in Forex and other then inter-day trading i’m looking to start to hold on to some Long Term trades, and since I LOVE THIS PAIR (obsessed is a better word describing my relationship with this pair) I prefer to start with this pair, but only if I find a reasonable Position. Some advice would be great if you get a chance!

  2. i want to enter on break above 100 with tight stops,how about 100.025 (my spread is 2) what do you think Sean? i wish it would dip toward broken triangle but it looks strong at the moment :/

  3. Hi Abdullah, must say it does feel bullish to me. I think we break higher and all specs start jumping on again. But we still have to pick right entry levels and trade it properly

  4. Agreed Sean, I have to wait until it Breaks 100 and then take it From there, Until then, inter-day trading is always a safe bet. P.S. I met a friend who’s a investment Banker at CIBC bank in Canada, and works internally and he told me they are of Opinion (the banks team) that “Septaper” is not going to happen, and another friend was who was their who is a former member of the board of directors of UBS bank and now works in the middle east who also is in the opinion that taper theoretically should not begin as early as September.s But their Bankers, and their thought process is different, and when I look at the Forex guys, everyone is gunning for tapering in September and most have made their minds that if Fridays non-farm payrolls and unemployment numbers come in positive then its a pretty much a sure thing, but im not of the same Opinion. Whats your thoughts. Actually meeting then on Sunday is what has made me re-evaluate my thinking process. Have you heard anything from FXWW888 or FXWW42 or do you have your own thoughts on tapering? JUST WONDERING 🙂

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