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USD/JPY: Happy to sell here near 99.50

All the cloud players will be very happy as the base held so well at 97.55 and gave them a 200 pip bonus. I’d now expect to see Tokyo taking some profits after a big move and I think we will struggle to break much higher today. I’ve gone short at 99.50, let’s see what happens.

  1. I’m with you on selling here, but it does look sort of dangerous.

    EU starting to look really weak.

    I think we can come down to 98.84ish level but not sure if that will even happen.

    I’d definitely expect to see 99.33 minimum tonight but who knows.

  2. I went in Short at 99.5 based on my judgement, but its always reassuring when I know Sean Lee is also making a Similar move. This Man Knows His Stuff!!!! I Can’t trade one day without reading his Daily insights!

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