Flows and Orders/FXWW News/USD/JPY

USD/JPY flows and orders: Plenty of interest on the pro books

  • Solid buying interest from professional accounts 104.30/45;
  • Intraday stops now plentiful below 104.10;
  • Semi-official bids reported yesterday near 103.75/80;
  • Top-side trailing stops starting above 104.80/85.

(Info mainly from Prime Broker).

  1. This one seemed easy for me Sean and i loaded up from 104.25 , wouldn’t mind buying at lower levels either. But since i’m haunted by paranoia on “too good to be true ” trades , do you see any reasons why it could go way south ?

  2. Not at moment Adrian, mkt still v v bullish and if 10550 breaks then we could see 108ish quite quickly?? Lot depends on how fast it moves; if it gaps higher after FOMC then book profits I’d say as there will an inevitable dip as well. Can’t see what might make it collapse but as we know in the FX market, there’s a black swan around every corner!

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