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USD/JPY: Favour selling intraday rallies for test of 98.30

I favour selling intraday rallies in USD/JPY. I’d expect it to stay below 99.50 and target 98.30 in the short-term.

  1. I would favor playing 89.50/93.00 range in AUD/JPY. Looking at the 1 hr chart we see something different imo. the low on friday till now has been somewhat of a straight up trend. The previous weeks we saw some modest dip but this week we haven’t had such. I think we could potentially be in the midst of a very early up trend. I think confirmation would come with a couple daily closes above 93.

    Also given the massive selling in AUD in general there will be a massive short squeeze to the 95/97 area before the downtrend starts again.

    Your thoughts?

  2. do you track CHFJPY at all?

    looking at the charts – tiny H&S in the making i believe.. it has a major resi @106 and a break below 103 gives way to more losses

    … and going by the JPY strength off-late i suppose it has major downside risk. any thoughts ?

  3. Exactly my thoughts Sean as well. Lot of false breaks in different pairs but oversold AUD is one big mis-alignment in mkt which needs to be addressed

  4. Really like selling this pair Kailash, if and when the stars are aligned. Looks like good r/r medium term play to be short near 106 with s/l above 10750.
    I’m already short this pair thru legs as Im short eurjpy and long eurchf, altho with tightish stops on both

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