USD/JPY drifting lower in fairly listless trade

Maybe I should have kept those USD/JPY shorts after all 🙁 No matter, I really have no strong feel and the position was always intended as a hedge over the FOMC. The USD is minutely weaker against the other majors, but hardly worth talking about.

  1. I took profit on the AUD so thank you Sean for the information. Hope to sell again in the future, if it heads back.

    I don’t understand the USDCHF though, is this just end of month squaring, or is it a new flow into CHF? I’m going to long again.

  2. well all of you who think aussie will go down are going to be trapped tomorrow again when china comes out with its PMI data

  3. the recent aussie fall has been on a S&P report that investment cycle may reverse if china slows down. now if is a very imp word and markets tanks the aussie on basis of this not so sure report. sounds crazy rite

  4. Not sure on CHF Marco, I’m not as confident as I was a few days ago. I’m, long since yesterday at 9215 so will wait and see what happens at next support near 9080

  5. Thanks Sean for the advice. I will take note of the AUD

    Just seen the USD CHF bouncing off the suggested support around 9090. This is an interesting plan of your to build this currency.

    I am a day trader but now am slowly finding the swing and position trades more easier to handle.

  6. That’s the same transition I had to make. After about 17 years as a daytrader I simply didn’t have the energy anymore so needed to re-invent myself as a more medium term swing trader and position builder. Still hard work but different

  7. i would rather wrestle bears for a living than short yen pairs, sean!!..exited after the dismal reaction to the us gdp.if thats not gonna pull it down nothing will!!..
    a pair that doesnt fall to bad news is very very strong indeed.No one wants to take profits.

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