Flows and Orders/USD/JPY

USD/JPY: Didn’t trade between 99.94 and 100.20

One big player put a bid for multiple billions in the interbank EBS trading system at 100.20 overnight, thereby triggering stops and barriers through the big psychological barrier.

  1. What I can’t really understand is, why the massive sell off in AUDUSD and EURUSD after USDJPY hit 100?

  2. Always natural mkt reaction Jasper, plus stop-loss hunting I’d guess. That’s why I think the Yen crosses might be ready to jump once eurusd move reverses?

  3. on the interbank platforms he can simply put a bid in at 100.20 and every offer below there is filled until they are exhaustd. I’ve heard big numbers like 4billn mentioned. So mkt was trading 99.92/93 but rather than paying all the offers, he simply puts a high bid in and triggers all the mayhem

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