USD/CHF: Picking up an extra gear

Finally is all I have to say after being long for the last 2 months! Next resistance is weekly highs at 0.9575.

Swiss name buying decent amounts in recent trade and struggling to get them in they say.

  1. Good evening Sean,

    You are on form today, especially with this new trade on EUR/JPY, well done. Otherwise, the Swissie looks better right now to trade it.

  2. Yes Papillon, hope so, I will close eur/jpy later as it was only a small daytrade. Swissy looks to have picked up momentum so I will look to add on dips, just gotta pick the levels but 9350 should be base now I think?

  3. You are genius Sean. Do your EURAUD and USDCHF positions help you earn you enough for the year? 🙂

    We are getting rewarded for our patience on the Swiss Franc. So am I. But I get smashed with the Aussie and the Kiwi. Earning little on the Yen.

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