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USD/CHF orders: Stops building below .9055

Some prop traders (with usually good info) have their stops placed below .9055. This usually means that they know of bids ahead of there (.9065/70) and hope that their stops will be protected. Often works the first time but gets smoked on a second try.

  1. Sean,

    Last friday, I have been stopped on USD/CHF at 0.9070. This morning, the price came back above this level, it seems we have reached bottom. If EUR/USD retraces and EUR/CHF holds at 1.2400, we would have USD>CHF>EUR ? What do you think of that ?

  2. I still think that EUR/CHF is in consolidation mode so trying to pick an interim bottom mid-range is v risky imho. The theory is perfect but just not sure on the details 🙂

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