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USD/CHF makes marginal new highs above .9500

I’m long of this pair, and have been for a while now, and I’m hoping that we are about to witness a sharp acceleration in bullish momentum. Daily highs at .9500 have just been marginally breached but there is more significant weekly highs near .9575. The 200-week SMA comes in around .9650 and I reckon that if we get a weekly close above there then we will really take off.

  1. Morning Sean,

    Thing being this side of the world (Perth) is turning to be a curse as all the big moves happen overnight. 🙁

    EURCHF now looks to be well above 1.23…am just wondering what levels you think i should be on the look out for?

  2. Think EUR/GBP is a total non-event with so much fun to be had elsewhere. Though I might turn bearish now that Goldies recommend buying. They must be limit long already 🙂

    1. > Thanks Sean. Another question: remember a while ago you were targeting EURUSD 1.20, EURCHF1.30 and USDCHF 1.10. Do you have a time frame on this move? Are we about to see EURUSD breaking down towards 1.20 soon?

  3. Guys, my bet is that eurusd will remain in this range and usdchf will goes to 1.00 or over? That means eurchf through 1.3??! Uau! Could be great! 🙂

  4. Sorry Jasper, missed your earlier question. I’d say its more likely that we see the EUR crosses move higher first, especially as long as China is buying EUR/USD below 130. So 130/132 stays solid whilst eurchf makes move above 126ish, then maybe the USD/CHF accelerates and eur/usd starts to ease lower? somethg like that maybe?

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