USD/CHF: Finally back to entry my levels

I went long at 0.9210 only to watch the market fall another 150 pips before finally returning to my entry level. After USD/JPY broke new highs, EUR/CHF held support, and comments from the SNB, I’m feeling quietly confident that I will do ok on this trade (famous last words!).

  1. Sean,USD/CHF been on a down trend since July 2012.Not sure it reached bottom but if it can close above 9250 chances are better to the upside.Overall, still need it to break above 9500 for a confident swing to the upside.
    Any news that money will flow out from this safe heaven?

  2. lucky man to get your money back. I wish you were lucky on that eur/aud bcoz that was a good trade as well. anyways best of luck on usd/chf longs. now keep a trailing stop

  3. Hi Edward, if you are long in short-term the obvious place to have a stop is below 9140. I tend to take a bigger picture view with smaller position sizes and my profit target is 1.00 minimum with possibility for 1.12. Ever the optimist 🙂

  4. Good evening Sean,

    Well done for this trade. Only you, can hold a position like that 😉 . Fortunately yesterday, I didn’t do anything on USD/JPY at 93.50 (short), I didn’t feel well this trade 😉 .

  5. Good instinct there Papillon, well done. Cable looks terrible which usually means it will rally 200 pips 🙂 We should get some good trading opportunities but at moment best wait n see.

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