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USD/CHF also getting hit hard; technical support .9570/.9610

The speculative market was also quite long of USD/CHF and the risk aversion plays across all markets haven’t left the Swissy untouched. Technical support levels for USD/CHF are at .9610 (38.2% retracement) and .9570 (previous highs).

  1. Hi Sean,

    Did you get out of your long USDCHF yesterday when the pair climbed above .98? I closed mine and then reloaded at exact at .98. Re-loading was a very bad position indeed.

  2. No Lam-Son, this move caught me very much by surprise. Still sitting long USD/CHF and long cable and won’t trade until this move makes sense.

  3. It seems deeper retracement in USD rather than trend reversal? I’ll stay aside and go to bed earlier today …….keep energy to find better opportunity tomorrow.

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