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USD/CAD: Some big players caught on wrong side of Fridays move

This is not a pair I follow closely, never having had much success with it in the past, but it seems the market was caught unawares on Friday and Prime Brokers report that their main speculative accounts are caught short of USD/CAD. Dips should be fairly shallow they reckon, but with the usual end-of-month oil payments about to go through, we should also see some decent supply of USD/CAD in coming days.

Conclusion, buy dips!

  1. the oil payments dont happen around 26th every month? there was a time it used to happen around that day.. where US pays Canada

  2. Hi Rehan, its all about big flows from asset managers getting out of CHF, GBP, JPY etc and back into EUR. Bit of panic in the air but once it subsides then we will surely see big dips. They will be cast iron buying opportunities in my biased opinion. Can’t guess on levels at this stage, need to watch closely

  3. sorry for phrasing that question wrongly… meant to ask if it happens on 26th every month. Used to hear payments were made mostly on that date

  4. probably or might explain that 25th small sell off from 97… i dont know… was told that on 2010, things might have changed

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