USD starting to show some teeth

Leaving the obvious USD/JPY out of the equation, but the USD is still showing some signs of life primarily against the AUD and the CHF at the moment. No real idea why it’s happening this way, just a function of flows I suppose.

  1. Thanks for the AUD trade Sean. I have banked my profits now, it was such a long wait.

    I’m going to reverse and long after the unemployment report tomorrow, i think the AUD still has too many bids down there.

  2. Yes i read your comment about the AUD in the 0.5 and 0.8 in those days…

    Re the CHF, I didn’t, my stop was tight and it lossed a few days ago. I was not brave enough to build a position with the asian geo-political stuff but maybe it wasn’t too serious.

    Maybe i will buy some on some pullback. Just cannot get them all!

  3. I really like this Blog for so many nice people and trade hints!

    Many thanks Sean, and greetings to everyone from Toto (real name Mario) at Montevideo, Uruguay.


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