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USD keeps on rising

Hedge funds continue to buy the USD across the board and there is little point in getting in the way. My stop in the AUD/USD has been triggered and the move lower today has been absolutely relentless. USD/JPY is settling back above 98.00 and the dollar bulls have complete control of this market.

I find it best not to try and regain losses immediately, that usually goes pear-shaped as well, so I’ll just watch proceedings from the benches for now.

  1. I’m with you Sean. Long AUD since 9330. The only thing that keeps me from closing that one is my AUDCAD long whose profits can hopefully cover the loss in AUD if that one doesn’t bounce soon.

  2. I wouldn’t be long AUD. USD sentiment is uber bullish today and gold keeps falling (probably to 1250) and AUD would probably follow.

  3. It is an extremely tough task to pick the bottom especially in such messed up situation. But what I know from my past experience is that you are quite good in picking the bottom in slightly longer run rather than in a short time period. And I still believe that bottom in AUD is not very far now. And in slightly long run, your idea of long AUD is going to work very well. Take it easy mate and rest well. And thanks for being around always to share your illuminative thoughts. Regards, Pete

  4. Hi Sean,

    I am in the opinion that AUD/USD will continue to move to downward direction to follow the macro trend although the pair may sometime to move to upward for temporary.

    The annual lower band already broken may continue to move to downward down to 0.8750. However, it is possible to move to upward temporary from the current rate before resumed to move to downward to follow the macro trend.

    In my opinion, the current macro trend is the weakening of the Asian economic block, strengthening the American economic block and slightly strengthening the European economic block. Global free funds are being flowed into American and European by the Asian global free fund managers.

    This is only my opinion.

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