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USD bid-tone returns in early Asian trade

The dollar is stronger across the board in early Asian trade but has yet to break through any significant levels. AUD/USD has again had a look below .9600 but has again bounced, USD/JPY has moved back above 101.50 and cable is below 1.5100.

I’m not reading too much into any of these moves, just the usual market noise as it presses to find the weak side.

  1. Hi Nrek, I’m still long USD/CHF and remain bullish although I don’t discount the possibility of another dip to 9550ish. USD/JPY should trade 100/104 for the next few weeks imho

  2. Agree Jasper, look and feels very overbought and if AUD/USD can break above s/t trendline then we could see teh big AUD buy back on plenty of crosses. Medium term I’m bullish EUR/AUD but a pullback to 13200 would not surprise

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