Update on FXWW-RM chat-room

  • If you applied for a free trial of the new FXWW chat-room on Reuters Messenger then you should have received an email from Reuters today.
  • Presently we are only granting access on a ‘read-only’ basis; firstly because we want to be sure that contributors have good-quality information and ideas to share, and secondly because we want to keep the number of contributors at a reasonable level or otherwise the information scrolls off too quickly.
  • We are still in start-up mode so most contributions are during the Asian and European sessions.
  • It’s impossible to have ‘direct messaging’ contact with everyone, and we have now hundreds of traders already in the room. Please don’t be upset if any of the traders/analysts in the room don’t respond to your requests; that’s simply not feasible with so many members.
  • Finally, many thanks for all your emails and suggestions; I will get around to responding as soon as possible.
  1. Hi there Sean, I thought I’d applied for access to the chat room but I haven’t received an email, so I guess I didn’t. Would you please be able to send me an email with the details? Many thanks, Peter.

    1. Yes, I have been in our chat room for a while. But I haven’t received any further email apart from the very first one confirming I was included to test the chat. That email was from you. I got no emails from Reuters. Sorry if I am complicating things.

  2. Understood Lam-Son; I sent out the very first batch but the process was too cumbersome and so Reuters have now taken over the on-boarding, thankfully. So its only welcome emails that they send for new members. You can continue to enjoy the free trial for another while yet whilst we are getting organised.

  3. Philip, try this help from another member
    “All good – if you receive any other queries from members similar to mine request them to right mouse click on Other Rooms in their Favorites, and then Add a Room which will then launch a new window named Room Directory. From there it is simply a matter of scrolling down until they see ‘fxww’ and click the Enter Room button.

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