EUR/USD/Trade Ideas

Two good ‘value’ trades in the FX market

  • NZD/USD: Buy near .8200 with a stop/loss below .8190:
  • EUR/USD: Sell near 1.3020 with a s/l above 1.3035:
Based on what I’m hearing in the market, they are the two best ‘value’ trades at the moment. 
Off-line briefly, back in 90 minutes or so++
  1. one more value trade was on Monday.sell aud/usd @92 wonder how many people sold there and it is still a sell. those sell stops at 1.0410 look heavy to me

  2. Gents; Beware with EURUSD shorts if the price mooves up something! There are heavy shorts just playing and if some of them begin to clear we may see 1,31

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