• What trading parameters do you look for? Is there a maximum drawdown or monthly return requirement?

Due to the diversity of trading systems as well as leverage used by traders, we do not have set parameters and thus evaluate each strategy on a case by case basis. What we do look for are well-defined strategies demonstrating consistent with a solid risk management approach.

  •  Do you accept demo or simulation accounts?

No. We can only accept live trading accounts at this stage.

  • Is there a minimum account size?

No, however fund allocators do tend to view track records on larger accounts more highly.

  • Can I register more than one account or strategy to be tracked?

Yes. Each user can submit a maximum of 3 accounts to be tracked at any given time.

  • Do you accept automated trading strategies?

Yes. We accept both manual and automated strategies as well as systematic and discretionary, as long as a clear risk management strategy is in place.

  • How long do I have to be tracked?

We require are least 6 months of live track record before we would consider promoting you to our investor network and would track you for at least 1 month going forward.

  • How much capital can I expect once I’m funded?

The amounts allocated are a function of your performance, the length of your track record and several other criteria that the fund allocators take into consideration so there is no set amount. That being said, our partners are well capitalised and well connected in the industry so the potential upside is considerable.

  •  I’m already an established money manager with an existing track record. Should I still join the TraderTracker Program?

Yes. Please submit your information and we will be able to identify you as an established money manager from the length of your track record and performance. We will then be able to fast track the process.

  • What if I don’t use a platform compatible with myfxbook.com?

At this stage, we are not able to track performance from any other platform on an ongoing basis. If however you currently have a profitable track record of at least 6 months trading an account of at least $50,000, please get in touch and we can assess if your strategy is what we’re looking for.

  • Does it cost anything to be part of the TraderTracker Program?

No. The program is completely free of charge.


  •  Who will see my information?