• Sean Lee is the managing director of FXWW.
  • 27 years of FX trading experience, starting in the interbank market and in more recent years, trading his personal account.
  • Significant on-line profile as co-founder of both Reuters FX-Hub and ForexLive. Owns FXWW professional services business and co-owns ForexTell. He provides Forex Signals on FX Renew.
  • Day-to-day business still involves analysing the FX market, blogging about it, and trading full-time.


  • Sources trades primarily from market price action. His deep connection with both retail and professional markets give him a unique insight into how the market is placed both in terms of sentiment and position size.
  • He is primarily a contrarian trader, feeling most comfortable looking for reversal signals.
  • He is a qualified economist using fundamental analysis for longer-term direction and technical analysis for help with entry/exit levels.
  • He will run medium-term trades for extended periods but will trade the consolidation/retracement ranges when on a good trade.
  • You can expect plenty of activity. Probing into the market with small positions trying to get a good position started, and then aggressively building the position when he gets it right.
  • He will seldom lose large amounts due to his tight risk management which means he can often miss out on trades. There are usually extended periods of sideways trading until he gets onto a good trade; then he will make very significant profits.