Trader EoY reports: UA, discretionary,

UA graduated from the Axi Select tracking program in September 2015. Even though he was only managing a relatively small personal account, this was of relevant risk to his own personal situation. He is a purely discretionary trader and trades primarily intraday.

He was allocated the minimum $100,000 and after 3 months has shown a steady profile which confirms much of what we witnessed on his personal account. Always a very good sign.

He returned 2.1% in the first 3 months utilising leverage of approximately 1:1, which is an excellent return.

He tended to over-trade in the beginning, not in terms of trade size or trade volume, but by trading far too many instruments. This is a common fault amongst non-systematic traders. He also tended to spend too much time in his losing trades, which is very draining on ones energy levels, but he showed a willingness to address and change these traits, another positive sign.

We have high hopes for UA in 2016. He will get an increased allocation from Axi Select in early 2016 and we hope to have him operating at a semi-professional level (at least) by the end of 2016.