Trader EoY reports: Patrick, systematic

We are very excited about Patrick’s prospects for 2016. His models have been extensively back-tested and have been running on live accounts for over two years and we are delighted that Patrick has chosen FXWW to help consolidate his profile and take him to the next level.

We started again with the minimum $100,000 allocation and with a very conservative approach. Patrick’s system will run up to 11 pairs at any one time but we started with only 1 pair, EUR/USD, and have only in the last few weeks added a second pair, GBP/USD.

Based on the one pair, the program has shown a very consistent return of around 0.25% per month whilst utilising a very conservative leverage of around 1:1.

Another highlight has been the systems ability to dramatically adjust risk based on whether its picking the market correctly or not.

It’s hard to find many flaws in Patrick’s approach and he will definitely be aiming at the money-management rather than the prop-trading development route.