The Hedge Fund Trader Challenge

Welcome to the Hedge Fund Trader Challenge, providing career opportunities for FX Traders


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FXWW is the industry leader in sourcing Trading talent from the non-institutional space. We have strong relationships with Hedge Funds, ranging from short-term discretionary to systematic only, and Banks (see current jobs available through eFC). It is our mission to uncover the best traders in the world and match them with their ideal career opportunity.


Hedge Fund Trader Challenge

FXWW is promoting the Hedge Fund Trader Challenge for Traders without a complete 12 month track record who want to successfully apply for jobs and allocations from Hedge Funds or Banks. In order to apply for positions at these institutions, it is highly recommended that you can provide a full and complete record of your trading history. The Hedge Fund Trader Challenge allows traders to showcase their talents to prospective allocators and employers in a unique pressurised environment. At the completion of the Challenge, you may qualify for one of the sponsored prizes which include full-time jobs at an Asset Management business. All participants can receive a full reference and report card on their performance.


The Challenge is being conducted simultaneously over a 3-month period across multiple brokers with winners announced immediately upon the conclusion of each challenge. FXWW will be analysing all Traders in an effort to single out those we believe have the attributes required to become a professional trader. They will then be mentored through the FXWW Trader Funding Program, with the prospect of graduating to Hedge Fund or other institutional trading positions.


We will be assessing Traders on a variety of different criteria, including and not limited to:
Max Drawdown
Sharpe ratio
Risk Management