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Trade of the day: Buying EUR/JPY

  • Chart resistance at 131.00 has been breached.
  • USD/JPY is through the big psychological barrier.
  • EUR/USD is nearing strong Sovereign bids below 1.3000.
  • Last Friday’s price action was extremely bullish.
  1. Hi Sean! AUD might be a bit oversold. Hard to see parity with USD broken near term. Maybe AUDJPY is worth a try?

  2. Might dip back towards 10100 Jasper but I have strange feeling that the Yen crosses could be in for some very big moves. I prefer EUR/JPY I must admit.

  3. Sean, what is your upside target feel for usd/Jpy? This move was initiated on this cross and I think it will end on it as well…

  4. Yes Danny, exactly, ideally when eur/usd is near 130 and USD/JPY near 100 but that might be hoping for too much?? I’ve bought very smalls here at 13130 just to keep me focussed 🙂

  5. i have my limit EUR/USD at 1.3000 with stops at 1.2950, do you think my stops is too tight Sean? or it is good to buy now? certainly i would hope for lower level 🙂

  6. Sounds about right Dok, if USD/JPY takes off in early Tokyo then we should see EUR/USD testing 13000? Agree with yur s/l level, there are a lot of stops below 12950 so best get out and look again if that breaks

  7. Hi, Sean. Does it makes some sense to you to buy NZD/JPY in the given situation in which 83.60 seems to be holding in NZD /USD? I know you do not trade this pair but still it does not change the fact that you are a sage 🙂
    Regards, Pete

  8. Thanks Sean. Just an appraisal that all your followers, including me are doing v well since past few weeks. Thanks again and a thumbs up for your USD/CHF trade 🙂

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