AUD,NZD/JPY crosses

Today is 25th anniversary of Black Monday

The first big stock market crash that I was in the market for happened on October 19th, 1987. If you’re superstitious, perhaps putting on a small risk-off trade like AUD/JPY might not be a totally stupid thing to do?

  1. Good morning, Sean!
    Wanted to share reasons on USD/JPY, I think to sell pair from 80.06 with an obvious stop above 80.40 and for the purpose of 77.76 (it is possible 77.11). How to you such idea? Thanks and successes to you Sean!
    The cable in game, USD/CAD didn’t change strategy, I wait sale from 0.9975 for the purpose of about 0.96
    AUD/JPY is possible 83.00, but at own risk sold a little from 82.46, pair made small profit, at present I do not know, whether to sell again or to wait? What your view of AUD/JPY? I thank!

  2. Long time ago Milan, I was a much younger cable and GBP/DMK dealer for a big bank in Germany. Wish I had some old war stories to recount but for now I can’t think of any

  3. Hi Serga, re AUD/JPY, no strong ideas in short-term but medium-term lower I think, maybe 75 by Christmas? Longer-term much higher back above 100 but that’s no help when we are trying to trade it intra-week 🙂

    1. > By Christmas 75.00, it is an excellent gift Sean, and by the following Christmas 100.00, then it is possible to retire and write books 🙂

  4. My interesting story is that I was born that very same day but a few years earlier. Perfect timing by my parents to find a reason for celebration on Oct 19 rather than any memories from ‘black monday’ 😉

    1. Thanks Sean. EUR/JPY is moving too slow today, so I shorted CAD/JPY instead. The weather is looking very nice out there, might add a few more minutes to my lunch time today 🙂

  5. Trade idea of the day: Short GBP/JPY once 127.00 lows taken out. Move to BE at 126.20/30. Start taking profits at 125.70 (most of it as support very strong). Hoping for a runner to 125.00 with remaining position. Stop loss above 128.00 more aggressive or above Thursday highs more conservative. RR is about 1/1, which is not great, but to me, chances are high if lows broken price will fall significantly. How many times GBPJPY struggling to break and close past 128? 3 I count, Sept 19, Oct 5 and yesterday… 😉

  6. Throw into the mix no resolution on the Spain end just yet, neither any risk friendly headline out of EU summit, and you have risk takers running to the exits before weekend, which to me, implies GBP/JPY entering 128ish/125.70 range for now 😉

  7. The weather’s so nice out there, I didn’t want to come back! At least CAD/JPY is slowly moving towards the direction I want it to move. Have a great afternoon and weekend Sean. It’s going to be 30 degrees tomorrow 🙂

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