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Time to stop trading the crosses and start selling the USD

The entire market focus in recent months has been on the crosses, buy risk, sell risk, sell the Aussie as China slows down etc etc. After the Bernanke testimony and the Detroit bankruptcy, maybe its time to ignore the crosses and concentrate more on selling the USD?

Personally I feel more comfortable being long AUD/USD near 90 cents rather than being short? Being long cable near 1.50 rather than being short?

Just a thought from a perennial dollar bear 🙂

  1. Fully agree Sean. Just that euraud is like a constant prick that is ever so ready on the poke on any meaningful rallies for audusd. Looking at the weekly for euraud, the relative massive move up so far seems just a small corrective move back to its historic highs which makes me worry. My question then is on what circumstances then can we have a sustainable rally for aud? Your thoughts? Thanks

  2. Tricky Papillon, I think the sell-USD play is logical just matter of picking pair? Few pros today shoirting USD/CAD but I never touch it so no ideas there. If AUD/USD were to fall to 9050, try buying and increase quickly if support holds?

  3. Alright, I’ll look to add the long position, Just like I told you, I am a good gambler, hehe……I still hold the long position of AUDUSD from 0.9050, Hope the Aussie could give us more surprise……Thank you for your help, Sean! Have a great weekend!

  4. I’m wrong person to ask Acuk as I’m quite bullish on cable. I think it goes back to test 157 at least. Looks like a 15150/15300 short term range to me but then higher I think.

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