Thomson Reuters has long been the premier provider of news to the financial markets and they are now introducing a new range of products specifically tailored to the needs of the modern-day retail FX trader.

“Bringing you community and liquidity through a platform delivering insight, execution and workflow management”

Thomson Reuters helps you to get in contact with the world’s largest professional trading community. We provide access to the best prices, market intelligence and the deepest liquidity.  Our comprehensive range of pre-trade, trade and post-trade services, now incorporating our capabilities from FXall , support thousands of global and regional banks, institutional investors and corporate clients around the world in developed and emerging markets. With 30 years experience of driving innovation in the foreign exchange market, we give our customers access to the largest over-the-counter trading community, providing market participants ready to trade the widest range of asset classes at the best prices.

For financial professionals seeking to profit from trading and investment opportunities around the globe, Thomson Reuters Eikon delivers a powerful combination of information, analytics and exclusive news on financial markets – delivered in an elegant and intuitive desktop and mobile interface.
Thomson Reuters Eikon covers all the major financial markets – equity, fixed income, commodities, foreign exchange – and provides effective compliance and risk management, investment management and wealth management solutions. The content and analytics package includes pricing data, financial research, global financial news and commentary, financial estimates, fundamentals analysis, and visual analysis through charting.

Thomson Reuters Eikon brings together unique market content, analytics, access to liquidity and the connectivity required to succeed in foreign exchange.Delivered in a user interface designed to work the way you do, and with specialist data and analytics that you won’t find anywhere else, Thomson Reuters Eikon provides you with the tools to manage FX risk and operations, identify new opportunities, and differentiate your forex trading strategies.

Content and features
The deepest liquidity in foreign exchange and money markets, with price discovery from tradable matching venues EBS and Thomson Reuters Matching, plus superior forwards and emerging markets coverage.

Foreign exchange options coverage
Move between tailored content from leading providers; volatility data, including implied volatility from leading brokers and sell-side institutions; and coverage of spot, forwards and deposits.

Reuters News tailored for forex markets
Act first on targeted, relevant market-moving news and commentary from Reuters News. Form expert opinion with unique local insight and access to the world’s decision makers.

The largest foreign exchange community
Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger lets you message instantly and collaborate with over 190,000 financial market professionals.

Customizable tools
Access a full suite of forex and money market calculators and customizable analysis tools. Simplify price discovery with purpose-built screens. Query, publish and feed data across multiple systems.

Foreign Exchange
Looking for unique market content, analytics, liquidity resources and connectivity as you aim to help drive forex profits? Look no further than Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Full training on Eikon is free and provided by Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters Eikon in action:

(Note: FX Buzz is an add-on to TR Eikon Core)


  • Single, verified directory
  • Connects to most IM networks
  • Secure and compliant
  • Join specialized chat rooms – Eikon Messenger Forums

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger connects you to even more financial professionals and more opportunities.

As founding partners in a cross industry open messaging initiative, we are able to offer our clients access to the world’s largest financial directory and the ability to message others regardless of the messaging network they use.

More than just chat. A secure and compliant business tool.

Share not just messages but live data, charts and analytics. All via a highly secure network.

Full training on Reuters Messenger is free and provided by Thomson Reuters.

Eikon Mobile Access:

In an industry where seconds and milliseconds matter, Thomson Reuters Eikon ensures you have access to the breaking news and financial content you need to seize new opportunities first, no matter where you are when they occur, by providing a full suite of Eikon mobile applications.

The app is synced with your Eikon desktop, and includes:

  • Immediate access to Reuters news and events
  • Alerts to ensure you never miss a thing
  • Mobile briefcase to save reports for offline reading