The day ahead in the FX market, Wednesday November 28th

  • Economic calendar is almost totally bare:
  • EUR/JPY has failed again near 107.00 so watch for trailing stops below 105.70:
  • AUD/USD stalled at solid sell orders near 1.0480 but any dips below 1.0375 will run into Sovereign bids:
  • EUR/USD will largely rely on EUR/JPY flows; initial bids in EUR/USD reported at 1.2900/05:
  1. Hi !
    I’m long 5 lots since this afternoon (Europe time) at 2957…
    We’re at 2938…
    What do you think Sean ?
    It’s 10:30pm here and I’m wondering if we can get back higher in the Asian session ??
    Just don’t know what to do before going to sleep 😉 (I need to sleep 🙂 )
    Thanks for your help and understanding…

  2. Hi Emmanuel, if unsure reduce the position is first thing I’d do. Fair chance it will be very quiet here with 12910/50 type range looks high probability. So when you wake up you should be able to rejoin any position and then monitor it live.

  3. Thanks Sean.
    As you told I don’t expect any big move too…
    I keep the whole position for the next 7 hours.
    Have a good trading day.
    Read you in 7 hours 🙂

  4. As long as you are comfortable with any risk you are taking. There will be hundreds of other trade opportunities almost every day so don’t risk too much unless you feel very strongly about it. Good luck (I’m also long EUR/USD and EUR/JPY so that might be a bad omen 🙁 )

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