AUD,NZD/EUR/USD/Flows and Orders/Open/Wrap/USD/JPY

The day ahead in the FX market, Wednesday November 14th

  • NZD retail sales and Australian consumer confidence are the only releases of note on the economic calendar:
  • Risk aversion remains reasonably high in the face of uncertainty in Greece, Spain and the US:
  • Higher than expected inflation data out of the UK and Spain only adds to uncertainty:
  • Market positioning remains relatively low and momentum/confidence is also seriously lacking:
  • Big players continue to dominate with the market unable to break through order levels:
  • USD/JPY; still consolidating above option protection at 79.00, intraday flows depend on short-term sentiment changes, election talk could be Yen-negative:
  • EUR/USD; option protection ahead of 1.2650 barrier provided the base, short-term sentiment swings on EZ headlines:
  • AUD/USD; also dominated by large orders/flows either side of the market, reserve managers buying dips and asset managers selling into strength.
  1. Non-leveraged players like equity, bond, pension funds etc who shift assets around the globe and consequently need to access the FX market. For instance yesterday was related to US treasury bond redemptions so Japanese managers need to sell USD and buy JPY from the receipts

  2. Hi Sean,
    I think we have an interesting situation in EUR/USD – price is in the mid of two large stop concentrations & decent limit orders (+ 2650 barrier), those being +2730 and -2660. Well, let’s see how sentiment will develop and if Asia will give us any clues. 😀

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