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The day ahead in the FX market, Tuesday November 20th

  • BOJ two-day meeting ends; all 22 economists surveyed by Bloomberg expect ‘no change’ to policy:
  • RBA meeting minutes at 00:30 GMT followed later this evening by Governor Stevens speech:
  • China FDI data at 02:00 GMT:
  • USD/JPY remains very well bid, holding just below important technical resistance near 81.50:
  • Recent recommendations in USD/CAD were spot on and its eased comfortably below parity:
  • Market still in sell-rally mode in AUD/USD but it’s back in grind mode and may target stops above 1.0460, depending on RBA minutes:
  • EUR/GBP makes move higher with market lacking conviction in either direction:
  • EUR/JPY is again eyeing vital technical resistance at 104.80:
  • EUR/USD triggered stops above 1.2805 and then ran out of momentum.
  1. hy are u?two q?plzz answer.1,how many fees on your members per month?2/what the range of nzd usd next few days?english is my so so.i hope u understand me and answer?

  2. Good morning Sean. Yesterday you taught me another valuable lesson, Thanks a lot

    over reliance on technicals when market gets excited or nervous, is like playing with a sharp knife.

    I took you advice seriously and scaled down eurjpy shorts and set tight stop loss on JPY across the board, although technicals were pointing for a oversold JPY in medium terms…

    Any ways good luck and keep sharing “pearls of wisdom”

  3. Hi Rehan, no fees on members, its just that certain info I’d prefer to keep ‘behind closed doors’. Plus its very much in start up mode still. Do you need a password? Let me know I’ll send you one.
    I’d guess NZD/USD will keep triggering trailing stops above 8210 and could get to 8260ish before falling back to 8150? That’s my best guess but I’m useless at trading NZD 🙁

  4. Morning Asad, that’s good news and indeed a very valuable realisation. I think far too many ‘educators’ teach a total over-reliance on technicals. They are useful as part of the overall trading process but are only one part of the equation. You can almost sense the times when the mkt starts to react more irrationally and that’s when you take your technical analysis book and use it as a door stop 🙂

  5. re other markets Asad, I hold a long-term bullion position in gold and silver which I sometimes hedge against in the spot mkt when it gets overbought. But I don’t actively trade any other markets as I find it hard enough to try and trade the one I know

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