The day ahead in the FX market, Thursday December 6th

  • Australian jobs data expected to show a slight increase in the unemployment rate from 5.4% to 5.5%:
  • Look for signs of early profit-taking on Yen crosses ahead of tomorrow’s NFP, but overall most of the Yen pairs seem to be in classic consolidation mode so buying dips preferred:
  • EUR/USD should take its leads from the crosses during Asian trade, particularly EUR/JPY and EUR/AUD:
  • Barrier protection ahead of 108.00 in EUR/JPY:
  1. Well, buying risk hasn’t worked out too well today. Let’s see how things develop further, should be an interesting trading day.

    An addition to the EUR/JPY barrier info: 3150 EUR/USD barrier – part of a 2650/3150 DNT that was already mentioned past week.

  2. Good afternoon, Sean!
    I think soon to open a short position after USD/JPY steam. Parameters of an opened position such, sales from 83.39 and 84.03, the stop higher than 84.35, the purpose 78.14, but an ultimate goal can vary depending on a movement impulse. This transaction can be a little tiresome and very not idle time, but I will open it. Successes to you Sean!

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