AUD,NZD/EUR/USD/Flows and Orders/GBP crosses/Open/Wrap/USD/JPY

The day ahead in the FX market, Friday November 16th

  • Fed member speeches starting soon may cast more light on ‘vigorous debate’ re future QE, and replacing Operation Twist:
  • Asian economic calendar looks very bare:
  • JPY stays weak with heavy selling coming from hedge fund players:
  • USD/JPY tops out overnight near the 61.8% retracement of 84.15/77.10 fall:
  • EUR/USD still in range trading mode, crosses like EUR/JPY and EUR/AUD are well bid but USD demand capping rallies:
  • Cable held up well despite poor retail sales and talk of more easing; large barrier at 1.5800:
  • AUD/USD broke below support levels near 1.0350 but more reserve manager bids reported near 1.0300:
  1. Well, well, look at all those stops above 2815! 😀 I have a feeling we will get there, if Israel-Gaza tensions won’t trigger risk-off.

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