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The 100% success rate indicator (from the new FXWW chat-room)

“Note the Barx month end FX model for this month has a ‘MAX’ signal across the board – in this instance a MAX $ sell signal. They have run the model since 2002 and have had this occurrence in just 10 of 128 observations – the results for all these occurrences show a 100% success rate (ie always positive return) for the benchmark window period of NOON London to the WMR 4pm London fix.”

Hate to whet your appetite when its still in trial mode but hopefully we can escalate very soon. FXWW888 posted this piece a short time ago.

I will send a message in coming days to all those who have registered on FXWW, outlining the new product format.

  1. Hi Sean,

    I am a silent follower, really like the job you are doing here, thank you very much for your effort and please continue to provide such usefull informations and comments.

    I missed the first round of subscription to FXWW twitter feed, and after many subscription request, I still do not have permission…

    Could you please help me on this issue ?



  2. Hi Benjamin. If you register on the FXWW database on bottom of page I’ll ensure that you get an email re the new service, which will also include all Twitter stuff + signal services

  3. Hi Sean,

    I’m registered for the twitter feeds. Do I need to do anything else to access the new stuff? Also, how is the chat room accessed? I don’t see any links. Many thanks, Peter

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