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Technical support/resistance levels updated

Those who wish to access the new technical analysis support/resistance tables plus some recommendations can do so in the members section. (I’m sure the new site will be ready sometime this decade and make life easier for us all).

  1. Sean, Have not talked to you since the forexlive days. How do I get a membership to read the post. Hope you have been well. As always, great posts!

  2. Hi Sean, would also like to know how I can become a member pls. I think you have a pretty good feel with the crosses… Thanks!

  3. Hi Matt, I think they should cut but that doesn’t mean they will. They are getting left behind, with rates at 3%, when even 2% would be high enough in this environment (in my biased opinion, being short AUD against the EUR 🙂 ).

  4. Hi Sean,
    not too sure about the current levels in eur/aud.doubt it will come down to 126 and make it look attractive.suppose any dips towards 127 would be time to get in?

  5. Possibly Danny, you are the intraday expert so you can tell me when it’s feeling a bit oversold? It’s impossible to know in advance what the exact levels will be, gotta spend lots of time in front of the screens as usual 🙁 I’m comfortably long with an excellent average entry now so I’m happy to sit back and wait for extremes which I’d guess are 12550/13100 now?

  6. thats a tough one. knowing the direction is good but if entry level is not good then it will be a losing trade.whatever it is, best to wait till RBA waiting anxiously for the formation of double bottom in aud/usd. hoping 😉

  7. Hi Sean,

    Could you please send me some an email regarding becoming a member? Many thanks in advance.
    BTW, with the Europe situation looking somewhat more ‘unwell’ than the US, I was wondering why you prefer EUR/AUD to AUS/USD. Have I missed the elephant in the room?

  8. Hi Peter, am out for an hour but will send you an email when I get back. Re EUR USD, I have also been expecting a big rise in the USD hence my usdchf long position but something keeps stubbornly stopping the eurusd from falling. You could look at my positions another way, I’m long eurchf and short AuDUSD ?

  9. Love this trade Danny, sooner or later I think we will accelerate towards 130 but the timing is of course very important. The positions in this pair are massive so it can often take a long time to generate momentum

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